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Day 1- Thursday

Start of the sale, Thursday's @ 8am at full-price. We do not go-down or negotiate on price the first day. If the item happens to be there the next day it will be less. Items sell quickly, and we are the Estate Sale company for the Client! Hours are always 8am-6 pm on the first day.

(Each sale is different client's and merchandise every time.)

*Fresh cookies and coffee during the first day of the sale FREE

Day 2- Friday​

It's our 25% off Day! Almost every item that is left is discounted by 25%. There are a few exceptions like vehicles, equipment, boat etc. Everything else IS 25% off all day long. These 25% off days are always Friday's from 8am-6pm.

Day 3- Saturday​

50% off Day from open at 8am-3pm on Saturday Everything that is left is 50% off whatever the marked price is on the item (with a few exceptions as stated above). If the item was $10 it's now $5. After 3 pm there are no individual sales except through auction (see below).

Auction- 3PM Saturday

Auction Time- Saturday @ 3PM there is free Pizza Hut Pizza with bid numbers. Whatever has not sold in the previous days of the sale, we auction off by piece or by LOT, BUT EVERYTHING SELLS. All auction bidders must sign up and get a bid number at the sale prior to auction starting. Bid numbers open at 2:30pm on Saturdays. We have never had a Saturday 3PM auction last more than 2 hours from start to finish, so if you hate long auctions, you will LOVE this!! Items must be loaded up directly after the auction. At our auctions there is no buyers premium or fees to get a bid number.